they call it democracy

FFS inside

Our democracy, the two-party-preferred system we have in Australia is outdated, wasteful, and attracts and rewards the wrong people. Instead of governing the country, politicians spend a great deal of their time attacking members of the opposite party, being aggressive and confrontational. Too many of our politicians are corrupt, are bullies, and most are unable to think creatively, outside the box, when we so badly need people with flexible, innovative minds to deal with the unknown future, where the human race will encounter things never before experienced in our previous history. 

They Call it Democracy

we can see into the future
as we contemplate the past
if we don’t change direction
this chance could be our last
time is quickly running out
it’s plain for all to see

the captains of self-interest
lead us surely to our doom
all our proud technology
won’t save us from our tomb
yet our elected leaders say
there’s no emergency

spin doctors, economists
and lawyers rule the land
only truth is now exempt
from supply and demand
they refuse to see the urgency
and lie so shamelessly

anyone who dares to question
is attacked with the usual tricks
throw shit for long enough
and some of it will stick
the cult of mediocrity
from the mountains to the sea…

and they call it democracy

the price of truth is way too high
it’s easier just to lie
we’ve got the best democracy
money will ever buy
talk is cheap when you control
newspapers and TV

tweedledum or tweedledee
what is there to lose?
the outcome seems much the same
whichever way you choose
faceless men make made back-room deals
sealed with bribery

don’t forgive them
they know exactly what they do
they’re trying to make beggars
and slaves out of you
to make themselves feel powerful
hide their impotency…

and they call it democracy
I call it hypocracy
patriarchal mediocracy
collective insanity