Like Li Po

Like Li Po

fourteen eagles soaring over Aragunnu
sky lined with peach
ocean turning grey silver blue
clear deep down at rocky beach
schools of fish
turn the water alive
out at sea
birds wheeling and diving
like arrows
my only company
wind blows my mind away
‘til I forget you

paddle my way north
nowhere to go
no final destination
just taking it slow
drinking it in
rest and relaxation
the restless Tasman sea
it is never still
so quiet so empty
I can drink my fill
endless beauty everywhere
life, death and creation

don’t care no more
if I’m up or down
in or out
yes or no
got my eyes on the next wave
which way the wind blows
everyone’s at home now
safe and dry and warm
there’s no safety here
on the edge of the storm
maybe one day I too will drown
trying to embrace the moon…

sounds like a good way to go
like Li Po

Li Po jpg

Li Po was a poet who lived in T’ang dynasty China between  A.D. 701-762.  He also liked to travel in boats and was very fond of wine, and legend has it that he drowned after falling overboard, trying to embrace the moon.