200 Years

Dinesh Moylan
country and eastern

This was my first real release, recorded and mixed on a Fostex four track cassette recorder/mixer with the minimum of equipment, but I did it, after many hours refining my craft,  playing and singing in front of the bright mirror of the recording studio. The skills I learned in those days, with a couple of PA mics, a drum machine, keyboard and a small mixer with a spring reverb, have served me well. It’s not the gear, the format, the number of tracks; the presence of the recording, the feel and emotion are what comes through.

I made a few copies, sold a few but mostly gave them away to friends. A few tracks got a bit of radio play on a couple of community radio stations. I’ll never forget the thrill of turning the radio on one day in the car, and hearing one of my songs!






Who will love the land?
200 Years
There’s a war going on
Hey General
One Day Soon