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Dinesh Moylan
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logoI recorded this in 2003/4  as a smallish project while I was learning to use  computer-based digital audio in the form of Pro Tools. I had been recording my songs for many years, first on 2 track cassette, then 4 track cassette, and finally a Tascam 16 track reel-to-reel machine. This was also the first record I mastered as well as recorded and mixed.

The production is deliberately sparse and simple, mainly guitar and voice, letting the 4 songs speak for themselves. The artwork and graphic design are by Kate Tucker.

Who says? is a song I wrote in the early days of the George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Despite massive public protests, Australian Prime Minister Howard committed our armed forces into another disastrous war for reasons that turned out to be entirely spurious; a war that murdered unknown hundreds of thousands of innocent people, destroyed the stability and infrastucture of the country and destabilised the entire region in the process, with terrible consequences.

And so the next generation of  fanatics, terrorists and suicide bombers were recruited from a generation of young men denied hope, opportunity and education by war and upheaval.

And the tragedy continues…

Who says?

You like to paint pictures just in black and white
divide the world simply into wrong and right
Christian or Moslem who says god’s on your side?
High priest of greed, sultan of suicide

Who says you’re the good guys
when the homeless line the streets
when even in the land of plenty
people still beg to eat

When so many have so little opportunity
for a decent life of peace and prosperity
all the money spent on weapons could transform this reality
one war brings the next, it’s written in history

Who says you’re the good guys?
Who says god’s on your side?
High priest of greed
sultan of suicide

Arrogant men so sure it’s their destiny
to write their noble chapter down in history
claiming a mandate from some silent majority
using hate, fear and lies to enforce their authority

Who says you’re the good guys?
Who says god’s on your side?
Prime minister of intolerance
Dictator of genocide
President of self righteousness
Chairman of fratricide
General of brutality
Sultan of suicide
Who says you’re the good guys?
Who says god’s on your side?

Is the life of one child worth any philosophy?
Whatever cause, it’s barbaric atrocity
terror is just the same for every nationality
every helpless victim of senseless brutality

Who says you’re the good guys?
Who says god’s on your side?